How To Participate in Bigg Boss Tamil 4(Auditions)

Bigg Boss Tamil Online Registration and Auditions Info: Don’t be shocked with the title as Most of the Bigg Boss Versions are welcoming Common Man into The Bigg Boss which is a great stage to Prove their own Talent

So are you Ready / Dreaming to Enter the Bigg House for Season 4 with Celebrities?

Star Vijay’s Bigg Boss is one of the popular reality shows in India. There is nothing more to introduce as Tamil Version had Successfully Completed 2 Season which was Hosted by Kamal Hasan. For those who are unaware of this reality show, It The show is more similar to Bigg Boss Hindi as it was adopted. Surprisingly There are no common People in Both the Seasons .

Nothing Wrong with the makers as they need to gain momentum for the show as well. So There Are some expectations for people to enter Bigg House at least in Season 3. So Here we will be guiding you to Bigg Boss Tamil Auditions.

bigg boss tamil registration

There is nothing wrong with getting ready for Bigg Boss Auditions, Whatever the season may be.By the end, You will be known about the requirements to Enter Bigg House Of Tamil.

How To Participate in Bigg Boss Tamil?

There is no Purpose of registration and all for Celebs. Makers simply Contact Celebs and the interested one’s sign to them for some remuneration and enter the house for the game show. It’s a bit different in common man scenario. Many are willing to apply and so the process really needs filtration here where Registrations/Auditions are needed.

It’s a three-step Process

  1. Registrations: You need to register if you want to Start the Process First.
  2. Auditions: Most of the Candidates are Filtered Out And Some will be sent an email About Attending the Auditions.
  3. Selection: Housemates will be selected in this final Phase After Auditions.

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How to Register for Bigg Boss Tamil Online

There are no such big requirements to enter the show. One just needs a set of original documents. First of all, You need a set of original Documents while registration. Make sure to keep them with you while registration for the Bigg Boss.

It’s as simple as creating a facebook account.we just need to fill out the form and submit it. Click on the Below Link which was Provided by Us(Will be Updated after Official Announcement).

Actually, There is no need for any documents. But to fill the details instantly we suggest you keep them with you.

  1. Name
  2. A valid email address
  3. Your permanent address
  4. City
  5. State
  6. Pin code
  7. Personal Contact Number
  8. Birthdate (For Age )
  9. Gender
  10. Height
  11. Weight
  12. Reason for being in the show
  13. Your social profiles.
  14. Any of your Videos just to know about your stage performance.

Add Your Videos which are related to stage performance or even own performance just to make them know about your Acting Skills. Get ready with a cool video of yours. It Creates a Huge Impact on the members of the selecting Panel. However, selected candidates must enter auditions.

Currently, Auditions and registrations for season 3 are not opened yet. We will Let you Know and Will Update the Below Link once Announced Officially. There is no Official Form for Bigg Boss Tamil registration till date but mostly it will be like the Following One.

bigg boss tamil registration form

One need to Just fill up the Details and Submit the Application in time in order to get Registered.


  • Remember, You are willing to register for a Reality Game show which announces cash prizes for the winner. Moreover, there may be thousands of Members willing to enter the house. So Make sure to give your original Personal Details for better options.
  • Documents and Proofs must be Indian Related.

 Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Auditions | Step By Step Registration Process.

  • You Need to Register yourself First. Bigg Boss Tamil Auditions will be held to those who are Filtered in the Registration Process and this process is not done publicly.
  • Those candidates will be mailed about the auditions Clearly.
  • However, Dates, Venue, and requirements will be included in mail. So it is important to Give a Valid email while registration.

How to get Bigg Boss Tamil Audience Passes?

I will be answering you, How to be the Audience in Bigg Boss Show who are visible on every weekend along with the Host.

Don’t think that getting passes for the show is that easy.  We are almost to skip the part, But this is one of the repeated questions which we get in emails. Firstly we are not sure, this is just an assumption.

  • Star Vijay Channel is airing this Reality show.
  • IF Passes are Issued they can be easily available at the channels Offices.
  • It will be more easy to call them or at least get a contact who is working with Star Vijay.
  • According to us, They are not available in Public as the audience are limited.
Most Importantly Don’t fall for the Fraud Calls who are making as Bigg Boss to take Your Money. Always Double check the calls and Emails you Received Before Proceeding.

When did Bigg Boss Tamil 4 starts?

Due to COVID-19 the date is uncertain. But it might get started in month of August

Who will host season 4?

Mostly it’s Kamal Hassan.However, the news is not confirmed yet by the officials.

Let me know your Questions regarding the registration in the comments section.

Hope we had covered each and everything regarding the Auditions and Registrations. The Registration will be linked after the official Announcement For common Man. Stay Tuned By Bookmarking our page to get more recent updates about the Bigg Boss Tamil Auditions

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