16 Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Contestants{Official}

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Contestants: The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 was a huge hit and memorable as the legendary actor was its Host. Although he is busy with his newly established political party and upcoming films he decided to host the season 2 as it makes him closer to the Audience. It’s enough and now its time to discuss the Season 2 contestants who will be officially announced on the welcome episode.

bigg boss season 2 contestants

No need to say again that according to Bigg boss rules All the list of contestants will be officially announced during the welcome episode by sending them into the house.

Interesting Facts regarding the selections:

  • No housemate will know about other members of the house as it’s a maintained secret.
  • Contestants names will be sent one by one into the house in the welcome episode.
  • No members had special privileges as per their status.
  • One can leave away the house and he/she can be considered as an eliminated housemate.
  • All of sudden, Family and close friends of the housemates are allowed into the house for once during the show i.e during the last weeks of the season.
  • No one should share the matter which was discussed between Bigg boss and the contestant.

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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Contestants

Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 will be Aired on Vijay TV and Hotstar will be its streaming partner.

There is no official information on the list to date. However, the following list is a guess for season 2. The Final Contestants will be Updated on July 17th Night. Till then have a Look at the Rumoured List
(Thadi Balaji Wife)
Janani Iyer
Yashika Anand
Instagram Model
Ramya NSK
Comedy Actor
Mamathi ChariTelevision Actress, Anchor, RJ
DanielComedy Actor
Shariq KhanActor
Iswarya datta
Anadh vaithiyanadhan
Mahat Ragavendhra
Thadi BalajiComedy Actor
VaishnaviRadio Jockey



Nitya is more popular as Thadi Balaji wife, Who is a prominent Anchor in Tamil. Balaji was one of the VJ of Star Vijay Television. She was married to him and was blessed with a daughter. This Couple even took part in several shows aired on Vijay TV.

All of sudden, She was in the news by complaining about her husband at the Police commissioner saying that

  • He didn’t reveal about his first wife.
  • He drinks and Beats me

Janani Iyer


An Indian Actress Who mainly appears in the Tamil and  Malayalam Films. She had acted in more than 150 ad films and came closer to the small screen audience. This 31 Years aged Chennai based heroine started modeling from her college days and had earned some reputation.

Yashika Anand

yashika anand

Well Known as Yashu, A 1998 Born Indian Instagram Model, and actress who works in Tamil Movies.

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru, Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu, Kavalai Vendam, Odavum Mudiyathu Oliyavum Mudiyathu, Aayiram Kaal Mandapam, Paadam are some of her noted Movies.



She is a 37-Year-Old Indian Model Turned Actress who debuted in Tamil and Telugu Movies. She was noted for item numbers these days and even worked as Judge for dance shows. Monisha was her screen name which was later changed to Mumtaj.

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He is Popularly Known as “Spare Parts” as none of his body parts are damaged during the shoot at any time. He is one of the popular antagonists in Tamil/Telugu films during 1990’s. He started his career as an Extra Fighter at first. Ponnambalam Entered Politics by Joining Anna Dravida Political Party in Feb 2011. Currently, he is away from movies.



Sendrayan is an Indian Born Actor who acts in Tamil movies. Some of his recently acted films are Silambattam, Aadukalam, Moodar Koodam, Rowthiram. His performance as a young criminal in Moodar Koodam bagged him a lot of Chances in Tamil Industry and Got some fan base as well.

Mamathi Chari

mamathi chari

Mamathi Chari is a Divorced Women who is a Small Screen Actor, Anchor, and RJ. She was Born and Born and Brought Up In Chennai itself along with schooling. She debuted herself on the small screen by anchoring the shows which are aired through Raj TV. Her chat show JOJ Is more popular which usually discuss with love and Couple topics.

Shariq Hassan


Popularly Known as Son of Riaz Khan and Uma Khan. He made his debut with the movie Pencil starring GV Prakash Kumar and Divya. He is going to make his debut in Kannada as a hero which was Produced by SP Ragavesh.Let’s see how he survives in the Bigg House for more than 3 months.

Daniel Pope

daniel anna pope

Daniel Annie Pope is an Indian Film Actor who Acted in Tamil Language Films. He is a Visual Communications Student at Loyola Chennai and had an active role in Theatre Group during His College Days. He also got the Best Mimer of South India Award in the Year 2008.

Ramya NSK

ramya nsk

She is an Indian Play Back Singer who won many Film Fare Awards. She had a Good Cine Background as well as she was the Grand Daughter of Comedian N.S Krishnan.

Aishwarya Dutt


Aishwarya Dutta is a well known Tamil Actress. She is a Bengali who is not about to become a star in Tamil Films. Dutta Acted in Couple of Films in Both Bengali and Tamil. She Might be Well Remembered as Harini For Tamil Audience.

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Ananth Vaidyanathan


This 61 Aged Voice expert who is the Airtel Super singer was the elder of all the housemates in season 2(Apart  From Wildcard entries.).He also participated in  Josco Indian Voice-Mazhavil Manorama where he trains Contestants. He is born and Brought up in Jharkhand and all are a bit curious to see how he survives in the House with the Young Contestants.

Mahat Raghavendra


Mahat Raghavendra is a Tamil/Telugu Actor who started his career with small Roles. He is a Degree Student who chooses Acting as His Career. His Childhood Friend/Producer Alagiri Helped him in the Initial Days to get featured in Films. Later he never Looked Back Again In His Career.

Thadi Balaji


He Might be the Most Interesting watch for Season 2 as his Divorced wife was one of the contestants in the season. Balaji Going to Live with his Ex-Wife in the Same House. Thadi Balaji aka Dhadi Balaji was a TV personality who generally appeared in the supporting roles. He also Worked as a Judge in Comedy Shows.



A Native of Chennai Noted for her film Paradesi was one of the Contestant this year. She had been acted in short films During her college days and set up a Good base for her film career. Riythvika is also a part of Pa Ranjith -Rajini Starrer Kabali.

Vaishnavi RJ


Vaishnavi Prasath is her full name. She is a Journalist and Radio Jockey in 104.98 F M.Her Father was a senior journalist who was the founder of Saavi Magzine. She entered the House as a commoner and let’s see how this 29-year-old Journalist will survive the competition.

Expected List of Contestants from Rumours

This is a fake list which was rumored before the official announcement.

Vadivel Balaji

He is famous comedian well known in southern states for his comedy timings. He had a good fan base too and capable of creating a good funny environment in the house which is loved by most of the audience.


Kavin was a Television actor and representer who was born on June 22, 1990. He started his career in Star Vijay Channel. He Lived as Shiva in serial “Kana Kaanum Kaalangal”.He appeared in some films as the cameo. He owns experience of hosting the reality show “Kings of Dance”


Popularly Known as Powerstar Sreenivasan. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Currently Lives in Anna Nagar with his second Wife. He Divorced his first wife in Chennai and married Julie of Anna Nagar and named his daughter as Lathika after his first production.


Suhasini Rajaram is her original name and popular with her screen name “Sneha”. She is a popular Indian Actress who works in all most all languages in south India. One can call her a south Indian Actress. She is resting these days and playing some meaningful roles and looking for a good second Innings break. Sneha is a crowd Puller too. Sneha Denied Her Bigg Boss Entry and so she is not in the House for now.

Riyaz Khan

A famous Indian Actor famous for Bodybuilding and Negative Roles. He primarily works with Malayalam and Tamil Cine industries and Sometimes Tollywood as well.

Rio Raz

One might know him if you are a Music lover. He is a TV actor and Video Jockey. Saravanan Meenatchi (season 3) Brought him to the audience and was contacted by Bigg Boss This year.

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One of the leading Indian Actress in the past, Vijayalakshmi(Original Name) was well known in south India as she was featured in more than 100 films in 7 regional languages. After marriage, She was almost away from the Film industry and was looking for a strong second Innings with some supporting characters.

Kpy Bala

One more Tamil actor who is not that popular. Not sure if he won some hearts and win the game. Anyway, it completely depends on the gameplay in the house.

Vishnu Unnikrishnan

Vishnu is a well-known dubsmasher and well known on all digital platforms. He was born and Brought up in Kerela and he completed his Schooling here as well. With His dubsmash Videos and Instagram Followers, He Hiked his career to Movies and acted in some Malayalam Movies.


Krishna is last on our List. He is a Tamil actor with the decent fan base. Let us hope the best for him.

The List will be Updated Soon…

BB Tamil S02 Wildcard Entries

All The Contestants who are finalized are not sent to the house on the very first day. Some of them are allowed to enter the house in mid Weeks. Those are called are wild card entries. They had no Special Privileges other than contestants. This step is to maintain Buzz of the show until last day.

Wild Card Entry 1: Soon

Wild Card Entry 2: Soon

BB Tamil S02 Captains

Captains are elected by voting and sometimes by Bigg Boss. He/she had some special privileges in the House.

  • No one can’t Nominate captain for that week.
  • If Nominated before, Elimination process will be same.
  • He/she Looks after the House for that week.
  • Captains are allocated with special room i.e A separate Bed and a Washroom

Will be Updated.

BB Tamil S02 Guests

Some of the Celebrities are allowed to the House for a Day or few Hours to promote their movie or web series Etc. This step just to make relief for the Housemates as it was completely difficult to stay in the House without any communication with other Humans Outside the House.

Sometimes They may conduct Tasks for that Day. There is no role of Guests in Eliminations and Eliminations.

Here is the Small Unofficial Video From One of the Bigg Boss Fans

Stay tuned to the site to get recent updates of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 in no time. Share the list of these contestants to the Bigg boss fans out there.

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  1. Big Boss Is a good Show but this show only for hero and heroine not for other like us sir

    My Request to Dr. Kamal Sir. every Media Choose only Actor or Actress only
    one of the movie unnai pol oruvan my favorite and your Famous Dialogue is Just a common man
    i am requesting just a common man can join big boss team

    kindly give me a chance for enter in big boss team to learn discipline, knowledge, from different personality, is this common man can get some opportunity to join a bis boss team

    thanks sir
    waiting for your good response

  2. Big boss season 2 still not very well because ,before week 15 th july very low vote for Yashika Anand but is save and Daniel play for game fake ,big boss very very poor.

  3. Big boss season 1 was too good to watch. Matured and decent contestants. I hate season 2 contestants, not all of them, some of them like mahanth, Aishwarya, yashika.. these 2 ladies dressing is no where connected to our south Indian style. Please don’t ruin our south. Most of our families watch this program. What is happening is when the wrong things are done again and again, our brain accept it as the right one..

  4. Big Boss 1 contestants seems to 1000 times better than this BB2 fellows, really i loved BB1, but BB2 is disgusting, especially activites of lady porikki Magath, Bleady sharik, and the two young lady contestant Aiswariya and Yashika, activity of pombala porikki magath thinking that he is most smartest, always floating ‘A’ dialogue, which will spoil all the family viewers, if this continues, BB2 should be telecasted after 11PM as mid night masala.
    Remove Poma=bala porikki Magath, Mokka Sakidh,, BB2 will looks better.

  5. This is U certified show or A certified show because if you can clarify then I can make sure I will see the show alone without watching with my family because some of the house members dressing is very sexy and theirs behaviour also to especially 2 young ladies and 2 young guys because our kids also watching the show, please ask Dr. Kamal Hassan to warn them face to face so they can change the attitude of their dressing sense and body language. Tq.

  6. உள்ளே நடந்து வருவது தமிழ் கலாச்சார சீரழிவு!ஆபாசம்! அசிங்கம்! துணிச்சலாக பேசிய பொன்னம்பலத்துக்கு சிறை தண்டனை கொடுக்கும் அனந்த் வைத்தியனாதன் ஒரு தமிழ்ச் சமூக விரோதி.
    அது சரி, பொது இடங்களில் முகத்தைக் கூட காட்டாமல் உடையணியும் இஸ்லாமியர்களின் பிரதிநிதியாக உள்ளே சென்றுள்ள மும்தாஜ், தான் இரவில் படுக்கும் போது புடவை அனிந்தால் அசிங்கமாக தெரியும் என கூறுகிறார். அதே சமயம் அவர் மதத்தையே சேர்ந்த ஷாரிக் ஐஸ்வரியா எனும் பெண்ணுடன் அடிக்கும் லூட்டியை கண்டு கொள்ளவும் இல்லை கண்டிக்கவும் இல்லை. அது ஏன்?

  7. Tamil people will hate becoz of action by anand Vaithiyanathan, Even Kamal Sir accepts Ponnambalam speach… people will stop watching if its is like adult game…

  8. Hai big boss what’s going on there people especially Balaji using bad words in this show. We are all watching that pls give an punishment. Oru pennai kevalapaduthuvathu thavaru

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