How Episodes Are Recorded in Bigg Boss

Technology Used in Bigg Boss: If you are regular Viewer of This Reality Show, You Might Even have some Doubts regarding the Telecasting Process and all. There no single clue regarding the Technology Used in Bigg Boss Till Date. As we all know Kamal Continues as Host for season 2 which was Started on June 17th.Things Apart, As usual, so-called 16 contestants Entered the Bigg House and Started Living There. We Got Tons of Questions Such as

How Bigg Boss Cameras Work During Nights?

How Much Electricity is Consumed for the day In Bigg Boss? And More

So Today, We will be revealing all the Things behind the Curtains which makes you surprised and Shocked as well.

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Without Wasting Much of Your Time we will Proceed the Things. Hosts for Bigg Boss may be changed for seasons but Technology used behind might be same at least for some years. Hope Bigg Boss Fans Might Enjoy the read here.

Technology Used in Bigg Boss

Is there any need of technology in Bigg Boss?

No doubt, It is needed.

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Everything and Voice are captured and Recorded. It needs Technology to do so. Well Known CC Cameras Doesn’t work here

Cameras Used In Bigg Boss

There are Many Number of cameras in the House.60-70 Cameras are Fixed in the House itself which are most visible to us as well. But the thing is they are CC Cameras with DLSR Sensors. The Quality of cameras will be seen on our Small Televisions which are with almost Clarity without any disturbances. These cameras are equipped with Night Sensors which are able to capture things in Night. This is how we are able to watch low light Pictures as well.

The Only Place without cameras in House is Bathroom/Washroom

Mikes Used in Bigg Boss

Mikes will be with Housemates from Day 1 to Elimination. They Need to wear the Mike 24*7 if they are in House. The Mikes used in the show are omnidirectional which can be circular, Triangular and or some shape. These are wireless Mikes and works with Batteries.

Contestants were asked to change Batteries for every 24 Hours.150+ MicroPhones are Placed in the House. One more, Bathrooms are equipped with these mikes to record the conversation of Housemates.

Things Behind Bigg Boss Voice

No doubt in saying that it was a Human voice which was Slow and Loud When compared to Ours. There are Lot of discussions over the Internet regarding the Real Voice Behind Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss is a mix of Human Voice with Technology. The Voice is Edited in Real Time and is Delivered. He Speaks after the Editing and Delivery and here it takes the time.

Electricity Consumption In Bigg Boss

Bigg House is Air Conditioned. The Power Used for Cameras will be Huge as well. So a Total of 450+KW Is Used in Bigg House for one single Day. Yes, You heard it real. The same power can be sufficient for 2-3 Small Sized Villages.

Video Production Department

This is the final and Main One. The Episode and the content in them which we watch on our Television is Edited. There is a Video Production Room in which a Director and a team stays. Video Production Director is the only one who has access to all the doors in the House. So this are the Members of the Team,

  • A Director
  • Team To Monitor
  • 3-4 Editing Teams

The Monitoring team looks after the 50 TVs Which are Equipped in the room.

This is all the Process which goes on To Telecast a Single Episode.

Hope You had got Each and Everything Regarding the Bigg Boss now.Comment Your Queries if you had or contact us through Our Page.

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