Bigg Boss Tamil : This Week Elimination Updates

This Week Elimination Updates: Bigg Boss Tamil is a Huge Hit which is a fact and so its gearing up for the Upcoming seasons i.e Season 2. If you are completely new about the show, Nomination and Eliminations might seem to be wired. But it’s a Promise, Those two are the heart of this controversial Reality Show. Most of us feel awkward or silly to Judge Others. But here this is what the game is all about. Listen, It’sNot about judging characters or something, It is about adjusting life between a group of unknown people.

bigg boss tamil elimination

There are Lot of things involved in the game. Letus Discuss Each Of them. Moreover, Bookmark the Page to get regular Updates about Nominations/Eliminations and Other Daily Updates.

Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination Today/This Week

There a lot of terms need to be discussed to get a clear view of the elimination process in this reality show. Elimination is not a single step at all here.

Voting is Official Counted by a third party Company and those results are revealed by the host. There is no involvement of management Before announcing the results.

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Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 Tasks

Tasks are Like Games conducted to the Housemates and It was beneficial for the winners. Tasks are announced by the Bigg Boss/Host and sometimes by the Guests. The sole purpose of the Tasks is Entertainment. Below are the Tasks Which are played Till now in season 2.

Task NameGame PlayIn Week
Basic TaskHousemates Providing Feedbacks on EachotherWeek 1
Feela PeelaHousemates will be divided into 2 teams where one tells the story and other should identify Lies in it.Week 1
Ivar Yaar Endru TherigiradhaAgain Divided into teams where one says the story and other need to identify the writer.Week 1
Sonnapadi KeluHousemates Divided into 8 teams and all need to follow words on the envolopeWeek 1
Intha Veetil Yaar Sirippaga Nirvaagam Seiya Koodiyavargal Aangala Pengala?Teams are Divided on Basis of Gender.Whereas once the men will be owners and are assigned with a female slave and later the same will be reversed.Week 2
Thanni La KandamHousemates are Divided into Two Teams and each much stop flowing water from the tankWeek 3
Thittam Potta Thirudara Kootam Housemates Divided into teams and is a part Luxery Budget TaskWeek 4
Kanaa Kaanum KaalangalSome School Related TasksWEEK 5
Enga Area Ulla VaradhaWin and Rule Different Parts of the HouseWeek 6
Rani Maharani All Housemates Must Obey the words of AishwaryaWeek 7
Yennaipol Oruvan Housemates are Divided into two teams where one need to impersonate the other team memberWeek 8
BommalattamDivided into 2 teams and they need to make toys from the materials which was given in the Houseweek 9
Uthama VillaingalDivided into Two teams again one is Super heros and Super Villans.Week 10
Yet To KnownYet To KnownWeek 11

Season 2 Captains List

The captain is one of the Housemate elected by the Rest of the Housemates based on voting(Not all the times). Tasks also play a role in selecting a captain for the house for that week. A captain had some special privileges such as a special bed with attached washroom and all.He/she Looks after the House for that week.No one Can’t Nominate a Captain for Elimination for that week. Below is the List of captains for season 2 till now

JananiWeek 1
NithyaWeek 2
Vaishnavi Week 3
Ramya/NithyaWeek 4
MahatWeek 5
No CaptainWeek 6
AishwaryaWeek 7
YashikaWeek 8
Aishwarya Week 9
Yashikaweek 10
Sendrayanweek 11
YashikaWeek 12
Rithwikaweek 13
No CaptainWeek 14
Grand FinaleWEEk 15

Some celebs often visit the house just to create some more buzz and to promote their digital Content,.They didn’t influence voting and Elimination Process at all.

Season 2 Guests

Celebs enter the House to promote their Movies. Here is the List of Guests for this Season.

GuestsMovie PromotionsIn Week
OviyaWelcome Episode1
Karthi, Soori and Pandiraj Kadaikutty Singam.4
SnehanSeason 1 Runner Up5
Children From orphanages,Just to spend some time in Bigg House with Contestants5
Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Sathyaprakash and Mohamaad GhibranViswaroopam 2 Movie Promotions6
Arya, Sathish, Dhivyadharshini and Santhosh P. Jayakumar Ghajinikanth Film Promotions7
Harish Kalyan & Raiza Wilson Pyaar Prema Kaadhal promotions8
Kamal HaasanTo Announce Elimination from inside the House8
RelationsEmotional Week /Parents/11
Gayathri Raghuram, Harathi Ganesh, Snehan, Suja Varunee and Vaiyapuri (Season 1 contestants) and Arav(Season 1 Winner)Just As Guests13

Bigg House Nominations

Here comes the major Part. This is the procedure of Nomination which leads to eviction from the House.

The Procedure Might change as well. But Here we just want to Notify you about the Basic theme of Nomination Process.

Each Housemate was invited to the confession room and was asked about the other contestants including behavior. Obviously, Some hate other for many Purposes. The one Who got Maximum Number of Votes will be Nominated. Sometimes Self Nomination and Nomination By Bigg Boss will Happen. Finally, It’s not the same procedure for all seasons. Just wait and watch.

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The Nominated candidates will be voted by the audience and those who get less number of Public votes will be evicted for that week.

BB Tamil S02 week 1 Elimination

All Contestants are welcomed by our Crush Oviya (Season 1 Fame)who missed the title in Season 1.Jnani was Elected as the captain of the House for this week. Ananth, Mumtaz, Nithya, Riythvika Are Nominated for the First week. Surprisingly there are no eliminations this week as this was the very first week of the season 2.Contestants need to settle in the House at least for a week. Janani became the captain of the house who was elected by Ananth.

Number of Tasks had been done well. Interesting of them are Members are asked to write incident of their Life on cards and Opposite team has to select the person for whom the story is associated with. Finally, on the weekday Kamal Say a Glimpse about his next Movie which was a Sequence to Viswaroopam which was released long ago with a terrorist backdrop. He added there will be no eliminations this week.

BB Tamil S02 week 2 Elimination

Nithya is Elected as captain by Bigg Boss for week 2. Ponnambalam, Ananth, Mumtaj, and Mamitha are Nominated for the week 2. Ponnambalam was Declared Safe by Kamal on Saturday’s Episode. This week is all about the Nithya-Balaji and Vaishnavi-Mumtaj Controversies.

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Balaji Keep Abusing Nithya who was termed as Bad Slave in the Luxury Budget Tasks. Housemates take over these personal issues and somehow they were a little Calm by the weekend. Coming to Vaishnavi whereas she was trying to influence the people by her false words was suggested to change her behaviour and it goes on. Kamal Shared the News of his coming Flick Viswaoopam 2 to the Housemates.

Mamathi Was Eliminated.

BB Tamil S02 week 3 Elimination

Ananth, Balaji, Mumtaz, Nithya, Ponnambalam were Nominated for the 3rd week. Mahat, Balaji, and Vaishnavi are Nominated for the captain task.

In week 3, Contestants Poured their Emotions out during the tasks. Even the Daring contestants Cried while Narrating their Stories as a part of the task. Vaishnavi is really trying hard to keep trust on her as her old activities are a nightmare for many of the contestants.

Ponnambalam was completely irritated by the Daniel One-Liners and asked him to keep a distance from him. Also said that, Stop treating like that regarding the age group.

At the end of the emotional week, Ananth was Eliminated.

BB Tamil S02 week 4 Elimination

Balaji, Nithya, Ponnambalam, Yashika Got Nominated for the 4th week. However, According to the Public Polls and Predictions Audience Confirmed Yashika Might be Eliminated this week

Surprisingly she got the number of votes of all Nominees. Nithya who started her Race in a slow irritating manner got the audience support for her honest behavior in the House. Ramya and Other Housemates elf nominated Nithya as the captain and Nithya was Eliminated this week with less number of votes than all.

Yashika Might be saved due to her behavior Towards Mahat. Finally, Nithya was shown the way along the Door.

BB Tamil S02 week 5 Elimination

Aishwarya, Balaji, Janani, Ponnambalam, Ramya were Nominate for this week. As we all know NSK Ramya was Directly Eliminated for this week on the very first day for not doing her possibilities by being a leader to the House in Last week. She simply Laid a path for her elimination. Mahat was the captain for the week. However, we need to talk a bit about Balaji here who is referred to as Virus in the House.

There are 2 guests in the House this week. Snehan, the Runner Up of Season 1 visited the House as Guest and takes part in Luxury Budget Task. Children from Orphanages visited the House as well and spent some time with the Housemates.

Balaji was sent to jail by Daniel and was released as per Bigg Boss Rule. Balaji Complained about the Inmates to Kamal on Saturday which makes uneasy for the Housemates.

In the End, As predictable NSK Ramya was Eliminated from the House

BB Tamil S02 week 6 Elimination

Aishwarya, Mahat, Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, Vaishnavi, Yashika Were Nominated for this week. Aishwarya won a secret task last week and so she had the power to withdraw herself from the Nominations. Here in this week she withdrew her Nomination for Elimination and was Safe.

Surprisingly there was no captain for the House this week. Music Director and female lead of viswaroopam 2 entered the house as guests and spent some time with the Housemates.

Kamal Started the weekend by spying on them Through a secret View. Housemates are asked to enter the confession room one by one and were asked about their discomforts in the House.

Vaishnavi Was Sent to secret Room.So there might be No Elimination This week.

BB Tamil S02 week 7 Elimination

Balaji, Mahat, Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, Riythvika, Shariq were Nominated by the rest of the Housemates in this week. A Task named Rani Mahanirani was Conducted where Aishwarya was the Rani of the House for the week.All Housemates are asked to follow the rules and regulations which are implemented by Aishwarya.

By the end of the week, Aishwarya Selected Shariq and Rithwika as the best performers of the task.The last week contestant Vaishnavi, Who was sent to the secret room entered the house after 4 days.Moreover, Vaishnavi was asked to rate the contestants between 1 to 11 based on their Honesty. She simply completed it by saying all the faking the show and warned mahat and Yashika to control their own Language as the program is watched by all Age groups.

At the end of the week, Shariq was Eliminated with very less number of votes.However, he will be captain in week8 he simply represented his friend yashika before leaving the house.

BB Tamil S02 week 8 Elimination

Janani, Ponnambalam, Sendrayan are nominated for the 8th week. Aishwarya and Rithwika participated in the Captains Nomination and Finally, Aishwarya became the captain of the House. Kamal went to the house this week and had a little talk about the Grama Panchayat and about his visits to the Bigg Boss Houses of Malayalam and Telugu.

We all know that Mahat and Yashika were being Highlighted as per relation between them. Both confirm that they were in love with each other.

Finally, Ponnambalam was Eliminated from in the week.

BB Tamil S02 week 10 Elimination

Mahat Raghavendra Journey Comes to an End in Bigg Boss as he was shown the Door in the 10th week of season 2.Mahat entered the House as one of the favorites to win the title but however eliminated with as he wasn’t connected to the audience that much.

Actually, Mahat Started the Season on a Positive Note. He Loses Focus and Started Getting Negative response after Forming a Group with Yashika and all others. Mahat Touching Yashika Hips was One of the Worst Thing That caught the Audience Eyes.

WeekNominated Contestants EvictedCaptain
No EvictionJanani
Ponnambalam Ramya
NSK RamyaMahat
Vaishnavi(Sent to Secret Room)No Captain This week
Yashika Aanad
---No Captain

For Those Who Missed The Contestants Details, Here is a Brief Video In the End,

So Leave your doubts and queries regarding Elimination Here. Hope you Bookmark the Page to receive Voting and Elimination Details without delay.

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  1. I love bb so much . my favourite contestant is mumtaj mam she is truely an inspirational woman . oh my god ! Her confidence is what I admire the most . l love bb so much this my favoroute show . when mumtaj mam hot eliminated I cried badly. Mam u r the one who showed so much of love to everyone. My heart breaks when u cry. I am a die heart fan of u only after seeing bb. Love u mam . l even like rithvika too she is not fake.

  2. This guy ponnambalam is having selected amnishya he keeps all his life stories in mins but the abuses he furgets then and there he is acting smart to hide all his absus and bad words he attered to other players the balaji is same caractor using bad words and pleading smart so both guys to be elemibatwd

  3. I am not understanding one thing if someone has to scold other person that is done through letting their mom down is it?? Even a small child doesn’t want his mom to cry and tries to make her happy in many ways. The words are like garbage which aiswarya thrown back on Balaji. Thing twisted like aiswarya has done everything. She stood for her mother’s respect. I feel nothing wrong in her side.

  4. Eliminate Aiswarya and Yashika. Nobody watches Bigg boss for them. Aiswarya is too irritating and dont know why so much importance given to her. Is she is very important to some in the Vijay TV management ? Already people got irritated with this season of Bigg Boss and Vijay TV already well known for manipulating results in every show they conducted.

  5. Pls eliminate aishwaraya ,yashika ,& mahath. This guys are very irritating especially Aishwaraya . And one more things bigg boss pls eliminate for people votes.

  6. I love mumtaz she is very true to everyone she likes self respect , hygiene where all humans like others speak bad about her which I don’t like particularly all house mates except yashika , I support mumtaz mam

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